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Tissue and Organ Applications

RegenMedTX’s technology platform has been applied to a variety of organs and tissue systems.

RegenMedTX’s technology platform has been applied to multiple organs and tissue systems. The Company’s current product development focus is on regenerating kidney tissue and restoring kidney function.

RegenMedTX’s lead product candidate is the Neo-Kidney Augment™, which is intended to prevent or delay dialysis and transplantation by restoring or stabilizing renal function in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD). The Neo-Kidney Augment uses a patient’s own cells, procured by a needle biopsy of the patient’s kidney, to create an injectable product candidate that can catalyze the restoration of functional kidney tissue. In clinical studies, diseased kidney function was stabilized by the selected renal cells that form the active biological component of the Neo-Kidney Augment.




“It’s a totally new class of drug. It’s like a bone marrow transplant. Inclusion criteria are right there. I think it’s great. For the first time, we’d be treating the real etiologies of CKD …” Primary Care Physician treating CKD patients


“… Intriguing…I love that it’s comprised of the patients’ own cells…. requires no immune suppression …” Primary Care Physician treating CKD patients

Scientific Platform

RegenMedTX’s patented technology integrates breakthroughs in progenitor cell biology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


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Potential Advantages

RegenMedTX’s technology has the potential to offer several major advantages over current best practice.


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