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Scientific Platform

RegenMedTX’s patented technology integrates breakthroughs in progenitor cell biology, tissue engineering and cell therapy.

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RegenMedTX’s technology has the potential to create new human tissues and organs (neo-tissues and neo-organs) by using the patient’s own (autologous) cells. By contrast, organ transplantation from other donors (allogenic transplants) can be associated with rejection and the adverse effects of immunosuppression.

RegenMedTX’s patented technology integrates multiple breakthroughs in tissue engineering and cell therapy products. While it has long been held that the body contains cells with regenerative power, RegenMedTX is the first company to be able to identify these cells and harness them to create a specific neo-organ, with the potential to create a variety of neo-organs and tissues on a commercial scale.

RegenMedTX’s organ restoration process begins when a surgeon sends the patient’s biopsy to RegenMedTX. RegenMedTX’s scientists identify and multiply the patient’s own healthy progenitor cells, and then formulate these cells with a biomaterial to create a Neo-Kidney. The surgeon then implants the Neo-Kidney Augment into the patient’s diseased kidney, where it is programmed to integrate into the damaged tissues, attract other healing cells, controlling inflammation, fibrosis and angiogenesis to form new functioning tissues.


“ How this affects the endocrine complications of CKD, …..could be particularly relevant. I would suspect an improvement in those areas with this therapy.…” Nephrologist, Massachusetts General Hospital

Potential Advantages

RegenMedTX’s technology has the potential to offer several major advantages over current best practice.


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Tissue and Organ Applications

RegenMedTX’s technology platform has been applied to a variety of organs and tissue systems.


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