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Potential Advantages

RegenMedTX’s technology has the potential to offer several major advantages over current best practice.

There are significant limitations to the current therapies for treating a range of tissue and organ abnormalities, and there is a clear need for approaches that are safer, more effective and cost-efficient.

  • The annual cost of treating end stage renal disease >$100K/patient/year in the U.S.
  • >$700K in lifetime costs/patient with 3-5yr life-span once on dialysis
  • Organ shortage with post-transplant life-span of ~10 yr
  • USA Medicare spends ~$56 billion/year on chronic kidney disease

Dialysis for patients means 3 days a week of 4-6 hours per day treatment with various possible complications and risks.

RegenmedTX’s technology has the potential to significantly delay and potentially prevent end-stage kidney failure: The benefits of RegenMedTX technology for treating chronic kidney disease is to:


  • Repair native-like tissue and restore function and structure
  • Reduce healthcare costs for organ failure while improving medical outcomes
    • Avoid the risk of organ rejection
    • Eliminate the burden and costs of immunosuppression
  • Provide meaningful clinical safety and efficacy advances versus existing alternatives
    • Reduce or eliminate other adverse effects of existing procedures
    • Shorten recovery time
  • Improve quality of life for patients and their families

“… I am excited … a huge improvement over current therapies where we only treat the consequences of CKD …” Nephrologist, University of Texas

Scientific Platform

RegenMedTX’s patented technology integrates breakthroughs in progenitor cell biology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


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Tissue and Organ Applications

RegenMedTX’s technology platform has been applied to a variety of organs and tissue systems.


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