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End-stage Kidney disease can be Delayed or Prevented rather than managed



Restoring Renal Function is Our Purpose





We offer an alternative


Over 32 million, 1 in 10 Americans, have some level of chronic kidney disease.

Did you know over 430,000 Americans suffer with dialysis?


We can do better.


The average life expectancy for a patient on dialysis is 5 years.


There is an alternative.

How can we do better?


A revolutionary technology that if efficacious would replace the need for renal dialysis and transplantation.”

Renal Transplant Surgeon, UNC



“It’s a totally new class of drug. It’s like a bone marrow transplant. Inclusion criteria are right there. I think it’s great. For the first time, we’d be treating the real etiologies of CKD …”

PCP with CKD patient private practice

With recent breakthroughs in regenerative medicine,

people with chronic kidney disease can live healthier, better lives.

Regenerative Medicine Brought to Life.

RegenMedTX’s technology has the potential to offer life-changing advantages over current best practice.


Scientific Platform

Patented technology integrates breakthroughs in cell therapy for chronic kidney disease.


Potential Advantages

Modifying progression of chronic kidney disease  provides life-changing benefits over standard-of-care approaches that  manage patient’s lives only after kidney failure.


Tissue & Organ Applications

Technology Platform extends to a variety of organs and tissue systems.


is a leader in cell therapies for chronic kidney disease. We are using a patient’s own cells to develop products that restore, repair or replace diseased and dysfunctional human organs and tissues.